Digital Creatures
Limitless Possibilities

Plot your course through a lawless world occupied by whacky monsters.

Trade, train, and battle them in online competition. Quit lollygagging and get your game on!


Crypto Collectibles

Proof of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain. Trading and listing your rare pets for adoption keeps the game refreshing!

Train, Win & Level Up!

Develop the abilities of your pets as they grow in experience, learning new attacks and growing their power!

Build Your Own Team

Take up to three pets into battle. Balance your pets' abilities with strategic planning to claim victory!

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What are CryptoPets?

CryptoPets are digital creatures that you can adopt, train, battle, trade, and play games with. The magic behind CryptoPets is that they’re blockchain-based creatures, meaning each pet is unique, provably rare, and owned by you. The pets you adopt are yours forever unless you decide to sell or trade them. Nobody, not even the CryptoPets team, can take your pets without your permission.

What makes CryptoPets different?

Although tradable and valuable like Bitcoin and other digital assets, CryptoPets are non-fungible digital assets, meaning that each one is unique. Much like a piece of art can be worth millions, your CryptoPets are unique pieces of digital art with a genetic code determining its aesthetics and in-game attributes. Players can alter the state of their CryptoPets and earn experience points all of which is recorded on the blockchain.

How much do pets cost?

We use a dynamic pricing model to determine the price a pet will be listed at on the Marketplace based on rarity. Currently, as the rarity increases, the price increases exponentially. Common pets are listed on the Marketplace at the current Ethereum (ETH) price equivalent to $5 USD. If necessary, given market conditions or unforeseen circumstances, we can adjust the price of newly listed.

What incentives are there for early adopters?

Early adopters will be airdropped free CryptoPets for their involvement and support of our project. The rarity of the pets we award players is based on how early the played joined or interacted with our project. Early adopters have a chance to rack up the most combined XP points, which will be converted into an ERC20 token.

What are the steps to getting started?
  1. Buy Ethereum (ETH): Coinbase is the most reputable and easiest for beginners.
  2. Install the MetaMask Browser Extension (Google Chrome | Mozilla FireFox | Brave)
  3. Transfer ETH to MetaMask (Explainer Video)
  4. That's it! Once MetaMask is installed, you're ready to buy and play!
Are free pets available?

There are many opportunities to earn free pets. Free pets will be distributed to our early adopters through our Pet Airdrop and Referral Program. These will reward those who joined our community early or invite others to play! You can also earn free pets from our Contests and Community Projects.

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